Friday, March 15, 2013

Feminists Are Sexist

I mean, it's kind of obvious here, talking about the title, that the real sexists are feminists themselves. Just like leftist race-baiters are the real racists. Feminists are obsessed with this idea that women are targeted by the workplace. And every time a woman becomes a CEO or something, the feminists rally against her and call her names. Because if women are actually being treated equally, then feminists no longer have a reason to exist...and they can't have that. The lobbying power is just so sweet, they can't give it up.

Take the example of Google executive Sheryl Sandberg for instance. New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser calls her "hazardous to women". Why? Because she is successful. The author, of course, attributes all of this success to luck and men. Not that such a conclusion is abhorrently sexist or anything...

Basically, that entire article is 90% jealousy. And whining. Don't forget the whining. And most importantly, this successful Google executive proves the lie to the feminist movement...which makes her a "hazard to women". Well, not to women, but to the feminist movement anyway.

The problem with women "succeeding" in the workplace isn't that there is some male conspiracy to keep women down.  It's that women, in the past anyway, just don't consider moving up in the workplace a priority. It's not that they can''s that they don't have the desire to. And there are lots of men in that category too, which is why I put the word "succeeding" in parenthesis. There are plenty of men who are content with a bottom-of-the-rung job, as long as it pays the bills. It takes aggressive people to climb up the ladder, and men are genetically more aggressive than the fairer sex.

But not all men care about that, and more so women don't care about that. Women care more about relationships and the social network. The ability to interact socially is a hallmark of superior intelligence, and women have that ability in spades. The feminist mantra that women are "the same as men", or "as good as men" is as ridiculous as it is sexist. Women and men are different. And thank God for that.

The problem with sexism, whether it is feminist or misogynist, is that it disregards the unique and equally important roles of the male and the female. Women are social creatures, more so than men are. Men are goal oriented more so than women are. The two complement each other, and so the marriage of the two works so well. Evolution demands such a combination of the two. To put an emphasis on one or the other aspect of males or females is to be sexist.

People are who they are and as they are born. To change that through misguided social engineering and gender confusion is to undermine the evolution of the human species. Men are hunters, gatherers, workers, warriors, and fathers. Women are nurturers, healers, feelers, caregivers, mothers, and the very glue that holds civilization together.

Messing with this hundreds of thousands of years old system is a recipe for disaster.


  1. Beautiful. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    I wanted to read the link and comment intelligently, but every time I click it, it takes me to your Nuke the Punchline page. Hmmmm. Now I see why those get so many hits. :)

  2. I read the link. That was the whiniest whine-fest ever. She was trying to argue from both sides...she's too bossy, she's not bossy enough...I don't think that's legal. Either way, it doesn't make sense. People are individuals. Women are fundamentally different than men. If you care about climbing the ladder, climb already. If you don't, don't. Personally, I think there are greater rewards than the ones at the "top". But that's just my opinion.

    It's also my opinion that her dress belongs on an old episode of Star Trek the Next Generation. Why is it that people with enough money to buy ANY DRESS THEY WANT would choose one that clearly does not belong on earth? Answer me that.