Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Papa Tango Bravo

Me. Tomorrow.

Today's TUESDAY!!  I'm so excited. You see, I ordered my first ever REAL Zumba wear a few weeks ago, and it's supposed to show up today.  I've been somewhat of a closet dancer, since most of my moves are only seen by me and my mirror and all those dancers watching me from inside my TV.  In January, I became an instructor and quickly realized that the spandex I was buying on clearance at Target, albeit in bright colors, was not quite as exciting and fun as the layered and fringed neon attire available at Zumba.com. So when I saw they had a sale....(and since I had just beaten Lactose at Ruzzle) I decided I deserved some flashy new duds.  I'm so EXCITED!!!  

My propensity for Zumba has caused some to think I have lost my mind. Or at least my morals. Most of my friends and family are religious and they seem to think there is something indecent about Latin Dance. I do it because it makes me happy. I do it because it makes me feel like a woman. I do it because it keeps me in shape. I do it because I love it.  Now, I have a new argument for why I dance. I do it because I wanna be like the pope. 


  1. So, you, today, are going to jump in the air with half your butt hanging out of your stretchy pants? Cause that's what the picture looks like to me.

    We'll make you Pope Fashion I.

  2. That's her MIDRIFF, silly. Do you need better glasses? Geeez. I have a cami. I can dance modestly.

    But there is no jumping in the air for me today. :(

  3. Looks like butt to me...

    Not that there's anything wrong with that...

    1. NEW GLASSES!!!

      If my new clothes ever arrive maybe I'll post a pic. I doubt I can take one of myself jumping...from the back...but I could try...