Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Why" Can Wait

Yesterday I sat glued to my TV, along with million of others, watching the reports of the unfathomable stupidity perpetrated at the Boston Marathon.  Once again, some sad coward saw fit to attack innocent people in an act of terrorism designed to make some political point or other.  Once again, innocent noncombatant people minding their own business were murdered or maimed, their lives taken from them, or changed forever..  People were traumatized by the loss of loved ones.  A great American event is forever scarred by it all.  An eight year old child was murdered.  His name was Martin Richard, and he was waiting at the finish line for his father to finish the race.  That any human being could justify murdering him in the name of some "cause" is simply bewildering.  But hatred doesn't have a face.
It can't be defended or justified, and the line of thinking that led somebody to justify it, the 'why' can wait.  Whatever sick thinking motivates this kind of thing doesn't have any importance at all in the face of the act itself.  Time spent trying to figure out why would better be spent finding out who, and getting them and their co-conspirators off the street, and later, after we have taken care of the victims, and foreclosed any opportunity these cowards might have to do it again, after we have buried Martin, then we might turn our attention to 'why'.

After a while, President Obama made some prepared remarks about the whole thing.  I was troubled by a couple of things he said, or didn't say.  At no time did he use the word "terrorist".  What he did say, more than once, was that we would find out 'who did this', and with equal emphasis, we would find out 'why' they did it.

"Why" somebody might do this kind of thing is important, yes, but there are more important things to attend to first.  "Why" is a question more suited perhaps to a defense attorney, or a forensic psychiatrist, but when a politician asks it, especially one with a history of "never letting a good crisis go to waste"  one wonders at the motivation.  People were still in surgery, the blood hadn't dried on the sidewalk yet, and Mr. Obama was focused on political ramifications.  That our President might view this as any kind of political "opportunity" is an appalling prospect.  Surely he wouldn't do that.  

When Hitler was busy trying to take over the world, nobody, least of all the Commander In Chief of our country's military, wasted time asking 'why' he was doing it.  We rightly saw him as our enemy, and we set about killing him.  That's what leaders do when the people they are charged to protect are under attack.  Looking for political advantage in the midst of something like this is a very disturbing thing to see.

God bless the victims in this tragedy, and their families.  God bless Martin Richard, and God bless this country.  


  1. First two paragraphs are spot on; the third drifts, and by the fifth, when you bring up Hitler, you loose me completely. Can conservatives make a point without attacking our opponents? Can't we simply say, "This is important." and leave it there; not take that extra step down to punch others in the nose?

    I feel the same way - that the "who" is so much more important than the "why" - but just as those who are offering speculation to gin up sensation are not helping (and maybe harming,) so too are those being so critical of those speculations. Neither helps the current situation.

  2. MrsCampbell, the title says it all as to point of the article. The continual "looking for political advantage" (on the part of either party) is just wrong, and to call it what it is is not "taking a step down". I think you missed the point of the article.

  3. Nicely done springeraz. MrsCampbell, the ones responsible for this will probably announce who they are and state their reasons. Obama will probably then try to humanize them by telling us not who they are, just their names and warning us not to blame them for what they are. Unless they are white Americans.

  4. MrsCampbell: The point I was attempting to make was simply that people who do these kinds of things do not deserve a forum where their motives are allowed to be considered relevant. My statement about President Obama's comments was not about him particularly, he just happens to be the one who said it. And regardless, I stand by the thought that, given the history of the left to spin events like this, I find his comments curious, and a little unsettling.