Friday, May 3, 2013

I am Joe - Rubio

I am Joe.

I am scared again.  There was a knock at the door and it was one of those unlegal Americans.  I told him we already had a lawn mower but there was a Taco Bell down the street.  But he said No no I have a pointment with the Boss.  Me llamo Marco Rubio.  I slammed the door fast and ran and hid in my closet.

I have heard of Marco Rubio.  I have heard that he has a baby face.  Sasha says it is true.  She says that he keeps it in his sock drawer and he pulls it out and pets it when he gets lonely.  Sometimes he wears it.  She said he wants an old man face too.  I don’t want him to put my face in his sock drawer and pet it when he is lonely.

I heard Boss and Missus Boss and Aunt Nancy let him in.  They must not know him.  I have to save them, I thought.  I bet he doesn’t have a clean, articulate face or a bitter, old black nanny face or a rictus Botox face yet either.  I got down the Halloween box and put on the Fidel beard and the Spanish Conquistador costume to scare him back.  I snucked out of my closet.  I could hear them talk.  They were talking about anchor babies.  That man is a monster.  Who would make an anchor out of a baby?  Oh, yeah cause they can’t swim.  But he is still a monster. I runned back away.

I am not coming out of my closet until he goes away.

I am Joe.
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