Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nuke the Punchline - The Nagging Machine

Harvey over at IMAO finally has the Nuking Politics Challenge straight line of the day up (WOO HOO! Go vote for my list!! and then submit your own favorite line.  This is a very rare opportunity to show me up. Try to make the most of it :)..... So now, it is time to choose the winners of the last straight line:

The Reason Michelle Obama Is Considering an Extended Vacation…

#5 Oppo : … is because single mothers need a long vacation now and then. [I can actually understand that one :) ]

#4 blarg : … she took marriage advice from Hillary.

#3 FredKey : …because she heard that Twinkies were coming back and she wanted to camp out at the supermarket.

#2 Dohtimes : …Barry might not read those terror threat reports but she sure as heck does.

And my favorite straight line of the day was from Iowa Jim :

The Reason Michelle Obama Is Considering an Extended Vacation… is that, having nagged every resident of the United States more times than she can count, she needs to move on to residents of other countries.

Cookies to Iowa Jim!
(I won't tell Michelle if you don't :)

It's ON!
So TODAY is the SHOWDOWN for the Nuking Politics Straight Line Challenge between Keln and me. Be sure to go to IMAO and vote for the best list of ten lines!!!  (Which will be mine) :)

It was rainy and cold here so we couldn't go to my favorite parade to celebrate Memorial Day. Instead I attempted indoor s'mores. One city cancelled their parade due to lack of veterans. What did you do to celebrate Memorial Day?

Harvey: ...ate my fill of Anonymiss's super-special blackened Cajun smores.

arik matthews: Went to the Memorial Day parade (it wasn't raining here) and got a bagful of candy. I'd say it was like taking candy from a baby, except it WAS taking candy from a baby. A bunch of babies, actually. You gotta teach 'em early: You wanna eat, you gotta expect to fight for it.

Rodney Dill: Searched the skies for the sequester cancelled A-10 flyover.

YUMMY COOKIES to Harvey, Arik and Rodney. You guys don't even take holidays off.  You make me feel so good. You're the best :)
Anonymiss's Bacon Maple Chocolate Chip Cookie

Here's a new line for you to try:

(remember...I'm a goody-goody with sensitive ears :)