Wednesday, May 29, 2013

White House Fashion, Turn to the Left. Fashion, Turn to the Right

In an apparent attempt to distract us from all the scandals, the Washington Post has done an important story about the White House Counsel’s fabulous shoes.  However, the story didn’t scratch the surface about all of the interesting shoe trivia related to this administration:
·         Joe Biden has a whole closet filled with Velcro shoes that are too complicated for him to figure out how to wear.
·         Surprisingly, Barney Frank has a large shoe collection, many of them still filled with the trussed gigolos.
·         The only shoes Barack had while living in Kenya were bathed in the blood of the infidel.
·         Barack has to have his shoes specially cobbled for him because even his feet are both extremely left.
·         Menendez keeps a shoe from each escort as a trophy.
·         Nancy Pelosi has a pair of shoes she uses only for special occasions that are made from the leathery skin left over from her facelifts.
·         As a result of the sequester, Michelle hasn’t had to cut back on her shoe budget at all.
·         All of Keith Ellison’s shoes have a secret bomb compartment in the heel.
·         Like the Kenyan long distance runners, Jay Carney has stopped wearing shoes to press briefings because he feels it allows him to flee the podium in shame and ignominy much more quickly.
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