Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yes Michelle, We Get The Message

These pictures have been around a while, and we've all seen them, but something bears repeating here...this woman is the First Lady of the United States, she lives in a palace, she has a gigantic wardrobe, and she's surrounded with hair stylists, wardrobe consultants, and fashion gurus, all at her personal disposal, and all paid for by other people (that would be you and me).  She represents this country everywhere she goes, and she sees fit to run around looking like this....

Think of the money the taxpayers in this country could save if we just took away all her high dollar personal consultants, and Anonymiss just took her to Target.

Nobody ever mistook me for a sharp dresser, but if I was going to go around representing the United States of America I think I would at least make an effort.

Oh, and she's married to this guy, to boot.


  1. I think she could use a little help...

    I'd be happy to take her to Target and give her some tips...

    For the dignity of our country, I mean.


  2. I have a good friend who lives in Germany. He is American his wife German and with the events that were going on here in the States he decided it was time to leave America behind. He told me the other day that all of his wives German friends can't stand the trash we have elected into office in the U.S.A. They consider Michelle Obama a ghetto tramp, or even worse, she is referred to as a, "Dirty Turk" in their language and that is an insult among insults for those of us who have lived there.

  3. Looks like Barack's also too "busy" to tell his 12-year-old daughter "you're not going out dressed like that":