Thursday, June 6, 2013

Walkingdeads Deep Thoughts: June 6th, 20-13

  • I considered becoming an optimist today but I figured;  what's the point?  I'm just gonna screw that up too.
  • Yesterday in a txt message, I almost got the best typo ever.  Keln won't let me post it.  Just know that if it was missing the letter "r" I would have done it anyway.
  • I really need to invest in a teleprompter
  • Much like revenge, hummus is best served cold.
  • If you think you had a bad day today, or ever do, just remember this.  in some alternate universe somewhere, you and I are married.  hope that brightens your day a little.

  • Coming up with a bunch of boner jokes is a lot harder than you think.  Not boner puns though.  They just write themselves.
  • I honestly believe (at least for me) that credit card payments should be called "the ex-girlfriend tax".
  • I don't understand women at all, but if its at all possible.  I understand feminists even less.
  • I'd rather live in 2146
  • I wrote a new song the other day.  if you wanna hear it go HERE!
  • Its an early version so don't expect studio quality or anything like that.
  • I started working on my life goals, but I'm stuck on what to do after #1
  • #1 don't die

Good night.


  1. Really enjoyed listening to Career Opportunities, remind us again when you put a new song up.

  2. You know, wd, I was thinking I was having a bad day today, and that thought of yours really did brighten my day.

    Thanks! :P

    Btw, Unny sympathizes with you and your TDS: