Monday, July 29, 2013

A Farewell to Weiner

Now that Anthony Weiner's campaign manager has quit, I think it's time to bid a fond adieu to our friend from New York. He's still technically in the race: Until he pulls out, we'll all be left hanging.

It was a sad sight last week, seeing him stand erect at the podium, firm in his belief that he should lead New York City, but having to do the hard thing and admit he'd been "sexting" online with women other than his wife. The main thrust of his admission was that he was in recovery for "sex addiction" but I think this argument will fail to sufficiently reproduce the effect his last apology had.

I suspect from this point, his campaign will just plod limply to a conclusion, until he finally decides to pull out of the race, leaving Weiner one of the most loathed politicians since disgraced former president Tricky Dick Nixon.

Well, it was a ball while it lasted.