Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Major Improvement Around Here

So now we have this guy in Australia who wants to add a new letter to the alphabet.  It's a combination of "T" and "H", and would be used to replace the word "The", similar to the way @ is used for "at",  or  & is used for "And".  The world is coming unstuck, the very concept of Freedom itself is under attack, and this guy wants us to stop everything and wait while he  redesigns the alphabet to save, umm, nanoseconds.  Check out the video:

Actually, it's awesome to think how much time it would save when typing stuff.  Everyone here at Nuking Politics puts in six twelve hour shifts per week, and the word "the" is constantly being typed out, one letter at a time, over and over. It's a mind boggling waste of energy and resources.  If you consider the time saved by this concept, it represents a spectacular breakthrough in efficiency.  

Just consider the amount of time saved writing about President Obama, his wife, or his staff.  Constant use of terms like "thug", "thin-skinned", and "unthinking", or frequently used phrases like "The Presidents unthinking, thin-skinned, thunderously thickheaded thugs thrashed the constitution thoughtlessly.  The People, threatened thereby, seethed thoroughly … "    

"The" is one of the most frequently used words in the English language, and it's constant usage, or any word  that contains any form of "T" and "H", can have serious consequences. Just the other day I spent untold hours typing a nostalgic piece about Chief Thunderthud, and I got a serious talking-to from Keln.  Here in the NP sweatshop wasting time like that is frowned upon.  Keln employs a staff of efficiency enforcers, and one of them, I believe his name is Thurston, is always looking for ways to speed things up.  He said:.."I take ecthepthion to all thith T and H buthineth.  Thith ith a theriouth wathte of time.  It'th nonthenthe, and it'th got to thtop.  I'm thuper theriouth".

So, looks like things will be moving along a little quicker around here.