Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chivalry is Only Mostly Dead

So, lately, I've been feeling a little sorry for myself.  I'm here, alone, in this cold, dark ovenless dungeon. I was missing all of my recently lost unimpeded power and frankly, I was getting a bit hungry.

I was trying to scheme a way to regain my domination around here...and at the very least get something better than this Easy-Bake Oven. Do you know how long it takes to make one measly cookie with a 40 watt bulb? ForEVer. And then it's still doughy in the middle. I guess you're supposed to make several cookies, each less than an inch in diameter. Right. Those aren't cookies. I call those "sprinkles".

Anyhow, as I was sitting here, pondering my lousy lot...

I got a PRESENT.

I'm a girl.

I LOVE presents.

I opened it to find the most wonderful sight of my life:

COOKIES!!!!!!!!! Real honest-to-goodness cookies from RAML. He didn't even know where my dungeon was, so he gave them to Harvey to send on. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

Oh my, yes. Yes, they *munch* *munch* *munch* are :D



  1. You're welcome. Just remember you are the best, no matter what Keln says.


    1. Awwwwww :D

      I was having a rough day...and you made me smile :)