Saturday, July 27, 2013

Great Tunes:Jerry was a Race Car Driver

I was looking for something diff'ernt to listen to the other day and lit upon an old Primus CD. I think that qualifies as not just diff'ernt, but downright bizarre. Anyway, I was struck by the fac that "Jerry" rhymes with "Barry," and thus this abomination was born.

I call it "Barry was a Guv'mint Leader." Although it's kind of a stretch to say he actually leads anything, even from behind.

"Barry was a Guv'mint Leader"

Barry was a guv'mint leader,
Spent so dadgum fast,
Never did count all the money he spent,
Cause he thought it would always last.
Barry was a lousy leader,
Said "We can't stay Number One,
Maybe we'll try for number two
Or lower before I'm done."

Harry Reid was a senator,
Lead the majority.
I'd be a wealthy man if I had back
All the taxes he took from me.

Harry Reid was a weak man,
Dumber'n any man should be.
His brain cells died
While he rhapsodized
Bout Cowboy Poetry.

Obama will punt.

Nancy was a bad House Speaker,
Would yammer "Unfair! Unfair!"
Drank way too much communion wine,
Then passed a law called "Obamacare."

Warning on the video: In the 2nd line, he uses "G-D-," not "dadgum." Also, it's really weird.


  1. This is pretty much perfect.

    Primus Sucks!

    1. Thank you.

      But Primus kinda grows on you after a while.

      Plus I like a crazy bass line.