Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

• Kerry on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: "There isn't much to talk about".

  Kind of like Kerry's record on diplomacy.

• So there is a lot of concern over Tim Tebow and the Patriots, and him possibly not being a QB. Cause someone saw him catch some passes at his first practice. Well, the Pat's told everyone he is playing QB, not receiver or tight end.

  As a Buckeye fan, I really hated Tebow once. But honestly, he's just one of those guys that can probably play any position. So if I were his coach, I would just tell people he is playing the "Tebow" position on my team.

• Well, going back to the thing Kerry said about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks...he's sort of right. I mean when the Palestinians put forth from the get go that "not a single Israeli on our lands" is their 'peace' policy...can't really move forward from there.

  Also, since Palestine in general is a faux state to begin with, and a method by which to frustrate the Jews of Israel, this whole peace process thingy with Palestine is stupid.

• Carry on...

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  1. Tebow plays...football....right?? :P

    I'm just kidding. I have family in the South. Oh, I know :)