Friday, August 2, 2013

PC: Wide Awake In Seattle

Here's a picture of "government" as it was originally conceived:

And here's a picture of what we have allowed "government" to become:

Here's a perfect example of the kind of thing this bloated monstrosity is capable of:  Headline:

"Seattle City Hall to Ban "Potentially Offensive" Words Including 'Citizen', and 'Brown Bag' "

Honest.  Read about it here.

They want to formulate a list, enforceable by law, of common words that are to be banned, because somebody, somewhere, might take offense.  A short list of these words includes:

1.  Citizen.  It might make non-citizens feel bad.

2.  Brown bag.  Might insult people with brown skin.

3.  Black hole.  Speaks for itself

4.  White noise.  I personally have always found this to be very hurtful.

5.  Red herring.  Totally racist and completely inappropriate.

6.  I imagine that, out of consistency, the list will also end up including things like electrical brown-out, red menace, white owl, black hand of fate, and yellow snow.

Political correctness has driven the left right off the edge of reality, and just when you think things can't get any stupider, the people in Seattle come up with this sort of thing.  I guess Seattle is one more town on a growing list of places where people like me can't go anymore.  

The left has become famous for taking any perfectly legitimate premise, in this case, "let's not insult each other" and turning it into a total absurdity that makes a mockery of the initial premise, and threatens to destroy our entire civilization, all the while making us look like total idiots.  But then, I shouldn't say "idiots", because it makes stupid people feel bad, so I'll just go with "it makes us look like persons challenged in the area of smartness."  Or something.  

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  1. Thanks, springeraz, for posting this! "Trapper Keeper" is one of my favorite SP episodes, and an apt illustration. You could probably compare Seattle directly to the Tokyo of "Akira" in many respects without straining the metaphor (except that Tokyo was way cooler and more advanced).

    Awesome job!