Monday, August 5, 2013

Empty Seats For The Empty Suit

Yeah, I changed the title.  This one just makes more sense.

Organizing for America is Obama's permanent campaign organization.  Campaigning is pretty much the only thing Obama has ever done, (except for golf, and vacations and stuff),  so it's kind of a big deal with him.   Last Sunday, August 4, they held a rally in Centerville, Virginia, an Obama stronghold, to promote the benefits of Obamacare.  Exactly one person showed up.

Today there is lots of speculation on the internet about why such a central part of Obama's agenda should get such a small turnout.  Most of the people I talk to wonder why it would attract anybody at all.  Here's a few thoughts I spotted about who that single person might have been, and why they showed up:

1.  The Obamaphone lady…somebody had told her they were giving out free chewing gum.

2.  Michelle Obama…(with a baseball bat)  She was looking for Reggie Love.

3.  Obama body double…schedule snafu.

4.  John McCain…showed up to receive a Certificate of Gratitude from OFA.

5.  Danny Werfel, Head of IRS…Dropping off 92,000 requests from IRS workers for personal exemption from Obamacare.

6.  Diane Feinstein…On the lookout for bullet clip magazine thingys.

7.  Peewee Herman…thought it was a porn theater.

8.  Barney Frank…Looking for Peewee Herman.

9.  Joe Biden…Had no clue why he was there.

10.  One of Michelle's personal chefs…got crowded out of kitchen.

You may have heard other rumors about who this person was and why he showed.  Basket of cookies from Annonymiss for the best one……


  1. some lost guy following GPS directions

  2. Tony, because the invitation said drop by after work and Tony is the one with a job.

  3. Antonio Villaraigosa, looking for a possible spokesman job because he is soooo smooth.

  4. Viewer of "The Lone Ranger" looking for refund.

  5. Clint Eastwood bypassing Obama to speak directly to his (Obama's) fans.

  6. That's the guy that scored the concession to peddle the lovely anonymiss' cookies.