Sunday, September 22, 2013

Uncle Cletus Clears It All Up

There appears to be a total breakdown in communication in this country.  Some say it's a cultural problem.  The first picture is some of my cousins, proud mountain folk. The third picture is one of my Uncle Cletus.  It's the only one we have of him smiling.  He gave this matter  a lot of thought, and I believe his observations will clear up the matter.  I asked him if he thought this issue could be resolved, and he thought for a moment, and said "I want to like people, but a lot of 'em are just real stupid.  Some of these Washington people needs to stop by Walmart and get theirself a clue".  In his own words, here's the problem as he sees it:

These boys understand America, and they don't cotton 
to some furners...

...these boys don't, and at least two of them is a furner...

....anything else on your mind?

Uncle Cletus knows how to put a problem in focus.  And lastly, here's Mikey, another cousin of mine.  He's considered the pacifist in the family, and he's always looking for common ground in a disagreement.  In that spirit, he said,  "I agree with that Feinstein lady 'bout one thing:  I think the AR-15 is just a completely useless weapon.  This baby here is ideal for self defense and home protection".

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