Monday, October 7, 2013

Mr. Obama

Apparently, even people stranded on desert islands know what kind of man our President is...

The material question is this:

Who do you like better?

Mary Ann or Ginger (or Mrs. Howell)?

I've been curious for months. Cookies to everybody who leaves their vote in the comments.  :)


  1. I've always been a Mary Ann kinda guy.

    On the other hand, if Mrs. Howell comes with her husband's money... :-)

    By the way, is that really Mary Ann in that video, or is that you doing Zumba?

    1. Cookies to Harvey!

      In answer to your question:

      I'll never tell :)

  2. Mary Ann, like Gilligan, just can't be limited to a one-or-two-word stereotype, as found in the second iteration of the theme song (she is so much more than "the rest"), so she stands alone as a paragon of virtue and uniqueness.

  3. I've always been partial to Mary Ann, myself. But then, I like the wholesome Midwestern type.

  4. I've had a crush on Mary Ann since the first time I saw Gilligan's Island. Ginger not so much.

  5. I find this so interesting. Since I was a little girl, I always assumed all the guys liked Ginger.

    I guess I was hangin' around the wrong guys.