Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nobody’s Prefect

The Wall Street Journal reports that in its first week of operation, the Affordable Care Act enrollment site has managed to sign up...drum roll please...

...perhaps a few thousand people.

Of course, numbers like these need to be spun faster than an Iranian centrifuge. At the first sign of cluster failure last week, President Obama blamed higher-than-expected online traffic, saying, “This gives you a sense of how important this is to millions of Americans across the country.”

I’m no programming geek, but is there anybody out there who can provide a rough estimate as to how soon they can correct what has been described as “coding problems and flaws in the architecture of the system,” while maintaining security and increasing efficiency by about 100 fold?

I can do some simple math. Let’s be generous, and put the number of people who have managed to win the Obamacare lottery and get a nice, shiny, overpriced policy at 10,000 in the past week. The number of Americans without health insurance is estimated to be about 48 million. At this rate, how long would it take to get everybody subjugated signed up?

48,000,000 ÷ 10,000 = 4,800 weeks, or 92 years.

And wanting to delay its implementation by one year is an appalling transgression of the law of the land, equivalent to hostage taking and stomping baby ducks?

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Vogons, take me away!

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