Monday, October 28, 2013

Reader Submission: Robert Heinlein

From our friend, jw:

"i'm asking a favor of all of you readers here at nuking politics. you don't know me, but most of you know of robert heinlein. perhaps he influenced you the way he did me. perhaps he hasn't influenced you yet, but -good news- he still might.

if you go here you will have the opportunity to vote Robert Anson Heinlein into the Hall of Famous Missourians. RAH is dead and he won't know. nor will his wife Virginia who died in 2003. so why vote? in a sense nothing happens. but some of us who were influenced by him get a chance to say "Thanks", nothing more than that. it is something to some of us, a chance rarely given."

Note from Anonymiss: So if you think Mr. Heinlein was brilliant, gifted or inspired...or perhaps he inspired you:  Go and vote :)

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