Thursday, December 19, 2013

#PajamaBoy - Re-Re-Updated!

I don't normally post Twitter-oriented articles here (and granted, the charge could be made that I don't post much of anything anywhere ever, but that's another story), but I thought I should point out the extreme fun people have been having with Organizing For Ameria's highly-mockable #GetTalking campaign, featuring OFA employee Ethan Krupp as the hapless pajama model.

Here's the original:

A couple of my own contributions, and by no means are mine anywhere near the best out there:

(Click to enlarge)

Yesterday @KurtSchlichter started posting a set of AWESOME comparison pictures, which I strongly urge you to go see for yourself. In my opinion, and this isn't false modesty here - let me assure you, his are better than mine.  Nonetheless, I was inspired by his work, and felt compelled to get in on that version of the game, so I came up with:

But seriously, click on Kurt Schlichter's Twitter profile link above and enjoy. also has several worthwhile #PajamaBoy threads as well.

You can thank me later!

I'm thrilled to say that springeraz decided to thrown down, and he sent me the following:

Thanks! Keep it up!

I'll update this post as events warrant.


I saw this:
and couldn't help myself. ("Maddie" images used without permission or endorsement.)

Yes, Ethan Krupp (D- PajamaBoy) actually described himself and his type of liberal by saying "We have no morals, and we will attack you."


  1. You may have lost your insurance coverage, but at least I'm getting paid for this ad.

  2. It may be cold out, but nothing makes me hotter than talking about ObamaCare.

    (could be taken a couple of differeny ways.)

  3. "Isn't it amazing that three years after it's become 'the law of the land' my lovely President is asking little me to sell his program?"

  4. "Is it any surprise I'm looking to the left?"

  5. "Like Obamacare Exchange health plans, my expressions come in three levels:
    Ass, Silly Ass, and Supercilious."