Thursday, December 19, 2013

Conservative Celebrity Says Hateful Things

Apparently, I’m one of the few sentient beings who has not yet seen an episode of Duck Dynasty. I’m sure I would enjoy the show, but my own reality usually provides enough entertainment for me to get by without feeling reality-show deprived.

I understand that the patriarch of the family has been chastised for expressing his opinion on a sexual issue and supplementing his views by paraphrasing the Bible.

Being the masochist that I am, I decided to scan through the headlines of a respectable news aggregator, the name of which rhymes with Stuffington Toast, to get a gestalt of how the leftist syndicate sees the situation.

On one page I found the following, presented as screenshots below:

Vile? Vulgar? Just what did this man say that compares to the characterizations of conservatives made by MSNBC hosts on any given night? Don’t ask me, I don’t watch that stuff, either. But, if using the anatomical terms for body parts in context, in an interview with a magazine that caters to an adult male audience is the most boorish behavior the headline writers can think of, they obviously haven’t been to some of the company Christmas parties I’ve attended.

Oh, here are some more screenshots from today from that same site — that paragon of political correctness and human decency — linking to articles that presumably pique the interest of those with modern, enlightened minds who wouldn't debase themselves by watching a show that features people who actually believe in a power greater than an ever-increasing, ever-encroaching, supremely benevolent and benign centralized government.

"I hope you're watching, Grandma."
Pixelized by moi for your protection.
Yes, Christmas is for the children.
Take it from a Neanderthal named Tiny Bone.

I feel more cultivated already.

Now, where did I put my flannel onesies?

I wonder if GQ is hiring.

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