Monday, December 16, 2013

Would This Be Wrong?

Looking for a fun art project for the holidays?  Something for the whole family?  Here's an interesting idea.

Step 1.  Assemble all the wacko, nanny-state socialists in the country.
Step 2.  Transport them all to the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona.
Step 3.  Place all of them in the crater, arranged in an interesting shape.  Be careful to place them so they're all touching.
Step 4.  Fill the entire crater to the rim with casting sand.
Step 5.  In the center, make a vertical hole 12 inches in diameter that goes all the way to the bottom.  This is called a sprue.
Step 6.  Get 10 million tons of scrap aluminum.  Melt it all in a giant pot.  Be careful not to burn yourself.
Step 7.  Follow the procedure shown in the video.
Step 8.  Let casting cool, and remove dirt.

Voila !! Beautiful sculpture, and in the deal, we can all go back to being America.

Would this be wrong?


  1. I... have no problem with this proposal

  2. Why bother removing the dirt...

    1. Only because it ends up all over the carpet. Also, mixed with socialists, it's a little redundant...

    2. I can see both sides of this "why bother removing the dirt" issue. Fortunately, it is "win/win".

  3. I would like to contribute to this project, is there an address to which I can ship scrap aluminum?

    1. Thanks...Ship it all to Harvey's house. I'm sure he won't mind...

  4. Lost wackos method?

    Nothing like a little metallurgy humor after a couple o' months away from the Internets. Anything happen while I was out? How's that Obamacare deal working?

    I'm finding it hard to get some creative mojo going. Y'all are doing great.

  5. I bet we could come up with some real creative designs if we used this same method and poured the aluminum into the ears of Liberals. We could probably make a ton of money on that one.