Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shocking Video: Nuking Politics Staff Celebration

Having recently reached the 2000 post milestone, the staff of Nuking Politics had a secret celebratory get-together that was so shocking that I hesitate to even post a still photo, much less the video. Yet post I will:

The shocking sequence begins at about 2:20.

And below is a shocking (SHOCKING I TELL YOU!) still photo from the sordid affair.

I know, right?


  1. I think I saw Anonymiss dancing with...Harvey??? And why wouldn't they let Keln in? It's all too stunning for words...

    1. And the cookies...

      I ate so many I feel like the Hindenburg.

      Oh, the obesity!

  2. Pretty sure I said that anything that happens at the NP party is Unclassified Sensitive Information/Export Controlled Information and all cameras and smartphones should be relinquished at the door.

    You just lost your $10 annual salary Arik!

    1. That's alright. I was most likely just going to spend it on cheap wine and cheaper women.