Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Obama's Only Strategy...w/ Helpful Guide For Libs

Confronted now with the undeniable fact that his response to ISIS actions is doomed, Mr. Obama chooses, once again, to blame others.  This time it's the intelligence community, whose daily briefings haven't explained the problem adequately, you see.  The problem with this is that over the last 6 years, Mr. Obama has declined to attend nearly 60% of these briefings, being engaged in more pressing matters such as partisan politics and golf.

These briefings have provided a consistently accurate assessment of the situation in the Middle East, and of terrorist activity throughout the world.  This information would have been used by a Commander In Chief worthy of the title to guide his decision process.  Mr. Obama displays an unsettling lack of concern for the threat posed by Islamic extremists to this country.  Instead, what passes for planning is guided by political expedience.  "Al Qaeda is on the run"…"ISIS is a JV team"..These are not indicators that inform policy making, these are slogans intended to prevent his "base" from waking up. 

In Mr. Obama's mind, reality is a cruel beast that he can safely ignore as long as liberals are willing to blindly go along with it.  If he spent half as much time trying to do the right thing as he spends making excuses and blaming others…but, no.  He's gotten past liberals for six years doing it this way, so why change now?  

His negligence would not be tolerated were it not for the leftist sheep who care more for political correctness than for reality.

NOTE:  For liberals who may have trouble comprehending the above graphic, here is a simplified diagram that will help you understand it.


  1. You've gotta call it the wailing wall

  2. I gotta go with the whining wall