Sunday, October 19, 2014

Climate Changes

It's time that we here at Nuking Politics lay the politics aside and admit that science is right. There is such a thing as climate change. And our climate is changing constantly. And it is indeed due to a gas. You could call it a "greenhouse gas", but I always considered that term to be somewhat inaccurate. So we'll stick with "a gas".

This gas is the primary reason for all warming on Earth. And when it combines with other elements such as Oxygen, this elemental gas also increases the warming effect on the planet itself. And we are completely at its mercy. No amount of regulation or taxation will ever be able to undo the climate change that this gas has caused.

The gas I speak of, is of course, Hydrogen. Yes, hydrogen is the culprit. Forget the IR-soaking wannabes like CO2 and and poly-something carbon flouride somethings. Or methane, aka cow farts. No, none of them compare to the warming effect of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the real evil. It is the single gas that drives all global warming. Or cooling when it feels like it. That's just how mean Hydrogen is. It likes to just play games with us. As long as the game is called "fusion".

You see, hydrogen is the primary global warming gas because it is the very element within the core of a star that makes the star burn so bright. At the core of our star, the "Sun". hydrogen conspires to float around in a highly pressurized, hot as Tuscon plasma where the nuclei get together for a cup of tea and a hand of bridge, giving off copious amounts of high energy gamma rays, also known as gamma rays, or light thingys, which take something like 10,000 years and 8 minutes to go from the center of the Sun to the Earth.

So clearly, hydrogen and the sun are really the bad guys here. And this transmission will take about 8 minutes to get to the Sun, so we have a good 8 minutes to figure out how to stop the Sun and/or negotiate with it before it reads this post.


  1. Yeah, but it always gets a pass because, you know, hydrogen privilege.

  2. Plus, hydrogen conspires with oxygen to form H2O.

    Water vapor is both a far more effective, and far more prevalent, "greenhouse gas" than CO2 could ever be. S why aren't the greens attacking hydrogen, oxygen, or water vapor? The answer is: everyone would see how dumb that is.

    Air contains 500 times more water vapor than CO2 (on average).

    Water vapor and clouds are esponsible for anywhere between 75% and 90% of "greenhouse warming."

    CO2 is blamed for only 19%.

    Why the bad rep, carbon?

  3. (Sorry about the typos)

  4. 'Water vapor and clouds are responsible for anywhere between 75% and 90% of "greenhouse warming."'

    All sane people support the banning of the outrageously dangerous chemical compound known as dihydrogen monoxide.

  5. Could we say the science is settled?