Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When The Mojo Stops Working

Mr. Obama has not been getting much attention from audiences lately.  Contrast the rapture on the faces of his fans when he first came to national attention with the tone at events today.  Once again, at a rally in Virginia, and earlier in Massachusetts at a rally for the Dem gubernatorial race, the audience showed Mr. Obama their displeasure by walking out.  The whole mystical mojo thing seems to be wearing thin with his "base".  Most of us were on to him in 2008, and it looks like his base may be catching on.  The only one who'll never get it is him.

The faithful from every corner of his empire show signs of coming to terms with the reality behind the man they elected twice.

At every midterm election that's too close to call, Mr. Obama has been politely disinvited.  He only attends campaign events that look safe for Dem candidates, and when he does show up audiences have begun showing their displeasure by walking out. (Here and here)  More and more, they're onto you, Mr. Obama.  It's true that there will always be progressives who share his fantasy agenda, but  some may have tired of the lies and the spineless neglect.  Maybe the resulting dissonance will lead them to actually think about the agenda part.  

It's encouraging to think that maybe even progressives have limits on their ability to deny reality.   Maybe there's hope.  Actual hope, not styrofoam column hope. To make his agenda work, he needs the wide eyed acceptance of millions of fatuous believers.  They appear to be waking up, and if it continues, things could change, hopefully soon.

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