Monday, November 7, 2016

Hate the Candidates? Vote for the Constitution

It's no secret how I feel about the names I will see when I enter the voting booth tomorrow. 
But right now, today, I am benefitting from the freedoms and rights that as an American, I am afforded. Because of these advantages, I have the privilege and responsibility to vote.
So what can I do?
I will vote for the Constitution.

The Constitution is a document, established by God, to protect my rights as His child. It was also written to protect the rights of people whose choices I abhor. It allows for people to be loving and generous, or to say horrible, terrible, demeaning, unkind things. It allows for people to be tolerant of others, or bigots. Generous or miserly. Fat or thin. Educated or ignorant. Humble or vain. 
As long as we don't interfere with the rights of others, we can choose to BE and LIVE however we choose.
What an amazing blessing. So many people live and die and never have that right.
This is America. We live in the most blessed land in the world today. We live in the most blessed land in the whole history of the world.
We need it to stay that way.
Since Trump's prosperity is dependent on the freedoms our Constitution provides, I believe he is more likely to preserve them, if only because he is a shrewd, self serving man.
His opponent dreams of a different America. She wants an America where no one insults their neighbor, or ever gets hurt. She wants an America where no one is obese or is cruel to animals. She wants everyone to be prosperous and cared for and have a cell phone. What a lovely dream. Unfortunately, in her quest for Utopia, she ignores the time-proven principles of prosperity such as work, strong families and dependence on God. She insists that we give up our freedoms so that she can impose her unproven, foolish principles on America. They can't work. She wants to remove our ability to choose and calls herself "pro-choice".  The only "freedom" she seems interested in preserving is the one where promiscous people can kill unborn children for convenience.
Tomorrow, I will vote for the candidate most likely to preserve our right to choose. The candidate that will protect the Supreme Court. I will vote for the candidate that will defend our beloved Constitution.
Because in four years, I would like the NEXT president to be able to take this same presidential oath:

And still have a Constitution to preserve.
And maybe then we can make America great again.

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