Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dox Soup

Self-described GOP consultant, TV pundit, campaign runner and extremely adjunct professor Cheri Jacobus recently got into a protracted Twitter tiff with the brilliantly funny libertarian and TV personality Greg Gutfeld.

She took issue with Gutfeld’s berating CNN for going after the purported creator of a popular GIF depicting President Trump body slamming a character representing the network, at a fake scripted professional wrestling event. For some reason, or perhaps no reason, she insinuated that Gutfeld condoned the alleged creator’s other posts, such as one labeling CNN employees with Stars of David.

Twitchy has a rundown of the bizarre exchange.

Perhaps Jacobus feels justified for jumping on Gutfeld because a vicious GIF once attacked and ate her uncle, but her objection seems too much like that of some on the left who are compelled to squeal in protest to silence any person they disagree with, even if it is a gay, Jewish man, or a woman who has the audacity of taking the Second Amendment literally.

I can understand anybody’s objection to antisemitic, ignorant vitriol, but can a person not say he appreciates the work of the composer Richard Wagner without being accused of supporting naziism? Not that a flippant 15-year-old with a Reddit account is necessarily another Harold Ramis.

In a later post, it seems Jacobus also couldn’t resist a little dig at the Vice President, retweeting a CNN piece quoting Pence’s commitment to the future of U.S. space exploration.

Her tweet was well received by those of a certain persuasion who delight in comparing the Trump administration to an Orwellian dystopia, Aryan supremacists, or the most dreaded of the lot, Science (pbuh) deniers.

But that’s none of my business.

I’ll consider myself doxxed.

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