Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Further Case For Trump

♪ America! Trump Yeah! ♪
I told you all several days ago I was gonna be working overtime campaigning for Donald Trump, even though I have nothing to do with his campaign and frankly don't like him. I've never even really watched The Apprentice. But I gave my arguments for why I am doing it, and here I am doing it. 
Actually I had better things to do today, but that State of the Union brought all this up in my mind again. President Obama said basically that America is already great and everything is wonderful and we should ignore people saying we need to return to some kind of greatness.

Does anyone really believe that? I mean, if you look at the US today, can you really, honestly, truly say that we are the greatest we've ever been?

Obama said "The United States is the most powerful nation on the planet, it's not even close", and frankly, I agree with him on that statement. It's absolutely true. The "closest" are Russia and China, and both of those countries have some very serious issues that luckily we don't face. Yet.

The problem is, Obama has failed to recognize the path that lies ahead of us. We are absolutely, economically, geopolitically, and militarily the most powerful nation on the planet. And yes it is not even close. 

But we aren't growing anymore. In fact, we are diminishing. Our military has purposely been reduced over the last 8 years. Our brand in international circles has been cheapened through bad diplomacy and a lack of leadership. Our economy, instead of growing at a prodigious rate for the past century is now barely posting positive numbers, and our workforce-per-capita is the smallest it has been in a very long time.

Don't believe me? Go try and get a good job right now. Then when you can't, take out unemployment until the government says you can't anymore and then you will be added to the now millions of jobless no longer counted as part of the unemployment rate, because you can no longer claim unemployment.
We have a 5% or so unemployment rate, and triple that no longer counted as unemployed because they gave up looking. How is that progress? How is that great?
It isn't. Obama basically spent an hour or whatever it was trying to make a horrible situation sound like awesomeness and then, without mentioning Trump, basically tried to make it sound like a case for not voting for Trump. He told us not to vote from a position of fear about the future.
I dunno about you guys, but I'm plenty a-scared about our future. And I think I have cause to be.  I just don't see greatness in our future anymore. I see a slow decline. 

No, I can't see our country being invaded or completely collapsing, or anything like that really. But I do see us and pretty much the rest of the West taking a back seat to global politics and economics by the time our children are grandparents. It's going to be a slow transition, but it's going to happen.

Unless we can make America great again.

That's Trump's motto. I have no idea if he can actually do that, or really if he will do anything as President other than make the Oval Office really gaudy like his Manhattan penthouse. But he's the only guy saying it. He's the only guy who is actually pointing out the real problems facing us, and if that isn't a step in the right direction., I don't know what is.

I highly suspect that a President Trump wouldn't do even 10 percent of what he is promising. Not because he didn't want to, but because once he's in office he'll find out how hard it is to do it and just kinda shrug and pat himself on the back for becoming a president. I mean, does anyone really believe he is going to make Mexico pay for a wall? Yeah right, come on.

But when you look at all of these guys and gals running, he's the only one saying "we're getting our butts kicked in trade", or "this influx of useless immigrants is killing us", or "maybe we shouldn't be allowing people from Islamic countries in unless we can figure out if they want to kill us or not". 

He hasn't even been nominated and look at the change in dialogue at the Republican debates. The other candidates, who before Trump began campaigning pretty much just talked about the same old stuff, are now talking about immigration and trade and refugees. What happens if he gets nominated? What happens if he wins the presidency? 

I'm hoping that future candidates, not just for president, but for Congress as well, will start talking about those things without prompting from an otherwise media-hungry narcissist who knew what to say because his best talent is pointing out the obvious. 

Well, Trump's second best talent is hiring ridiculously excellent people to help him accomplish his goals, so there is still a sliver of hope that he might actually be a great president. 

But what I really hope for is in 4-8 years we get a whole new crop of politicians that recognize the actual issues we face as a nation and are willing to throw political concerns to the wind in order to, well, face them. 

If we as a people elect another person cut from the same cloth as all the ones we have voted for before (with the exception of Reagan...superior to Trump in every way but similar in many respects) then we can expect more of the same. More decline of a once great nation. More regulations, more trade deficits, more useless immigrants, and more banal political garbage. 

We need to push the button. Nuke Politics and vote Trump.


  1. "The United States is the most powerful nation on the planet, it's not even close...Despite my best efforts."

    I may have doctored that quote.

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