Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Music Time: Mark Gagliardi: Let God Do the Rest

All right, not specifically political, not funny at all, not really a religious song,but I wanted to share this with you.

I know you're probably wondering who this "Mark Gagliardi" guy is. Maybe even did a Google search and came up with some actor that didn't seem to be a musician. Well, that's not the Mark that sings this song. The Mark that sings this song is my cousin, and he's been making music for years.

This song, as he says, started out as a protest song  and ended up a tribute to fathers. In particular, he had his dad in mind as he wrote it. The video itself is just a collection of family photos, centered around his father, my Uncle John, who was one of the finest men you could ever have hoped to meet. He left the world last July, and it's my firm and unshakable belief that he is in a far better place than this, even Paradise.

The woman with him is my Aunt Doris, and they were married for more than sixty years. The party in the video at which they are dancing was their 60th anniversary party, and I have to believe they were as much in love then as the day they married. I believe that that love still endures.

 My prayer for those of you reading this is that you should find a love so strong and lasting that it carries you to eternity.

I cant seem to get the embed to work but here is a link to the video.

Anyway, enjoy the song.

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