Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Where kids of all ages can fly!

Brief note:  Happy birthday to my mom, who turned 80 this past weekend!

We took her to our local indoor sky-diving place, "iFly", and she had a blast! It was her first time, and she did great!

You know who also flew like champs? Both my daughters, my sister, and my brother!

Here's my five-year-old daughter, code name "Nonstop" (and she'll correct you if you get that wrong) taking her first flight, and she was first in our group to fly as well.

Take one minute to watch this joy in action!

I don't mean to turn this into an unpaid advertisement for iFly, and they certainly aren't paying me anything for this, so let me just say they're great, I highly recommend them, they have more than one location, and DON'T ASSUME YOU'RE TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD to take time out of your life to fly.


  1. Looks like fun. Unfortunately, the nearest one is in Chicago, and I have very little desire to get shot in Rahm's Safari Wonderland.

    The next closest is Philadelphia. The less said about Philadelphia, the better.

    Plus, I'm too fat to fly.

  2. I fully understand your desire to avoid Chicago and Philly, but I seriously doubt you're too fat to fly.

    I'm tragically overweight myself, but will be doing this in May. I'll just have to grin and bear the embarrassment of being SEEN flying, i.e. jowls flapping in the wind & looking like an elephant that fell off a cliff.
    Should be fun...

  3. If you're "tragically" overweight and can still fly, then I must be a category of overweight beyond "tragically," because their website says I'm too fat.

    How about "Apocalyptically" overweight?

    I think it would be fun to fly, though. Or at least fun for everyone else to watch, as I flew through the air, belly flapping so hard that it sounded like claps of thunder, moobs flying up in my face.

    It would be almost as funny to watch as me getting out of a clown car, which, to me, would be the height of low humor.