Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tomorrow Is the End of the World!!!!

Ten years ago tomorrow, Al Gore went to Sundance and for the premiere of his comedy, An Inconvenient Truth, and told the assembled gullible fools audience members that within ten years, the climate should have warmed to "planetary emergency levels.

Now, I know it's been a fairly mild winter, so far (knock on wood), but I can't see that the entire planet is going to warm to a crisis level in the next twenty-four hour, so color me unconvinced. 

Of course, we all know what climate change is REALLY about: It's a way for fraudsters and racists like Al Gore to get rich by skimming the top off what they force everyone else to pay to African dictators to force their subjects to live in huts under Stone Age conditions.

Al Gore is a despicable human being who would be ashamed of himself if he had any capacity whatsoever for self-analysis and introspection. 

Wow did we dodge a bullet in 2000. Thank God the Supreme Court actual got one right.

And frankly, does any non-liberal believe this garbage anymore? We've seen the idea that 97% of "scientists" believe in climate change. Maybe they meant "scientologists." Frankly, as far as climate change is concerned, it's hard to tell the difference between scientists and scientologists, anymore.

So, in honor of the Climate Holocaust that wasn't, I suggest we party, not like it's 1999, but rather like Tomorrow is the End of the World!
Note: This is the "Clean Version" of this video. It's PG-13 in nature, so probably NSFW, depending on where you W. It's got suggestive lyrics, hot chicks in bikinis, and a heavy metal babe doing something that I think is supposed to be dancing. It's also got a guy puking, which is gross, but not necessarily NSFW. If you're interested, pervert, there's a not-so-clean version on YouTube that has suggestive lyrics, the heavy metal babe, and the same hot chicks, but with significantly fewer bikinis.  Yeah, not embedding that one here, not no how, not no way. (BTW- my favorite line follows the line "you gotta try the stuff you wanna try..." I mean: HOW DID HE KNOW?!?!? It's like he read my mind!)

And here's a bonus, just for you.


  1. Apparently Steel Panther's vying for a contract with the administration to produce cultural training videos for Muslim refugees.

  2. I hear Germany's putting up "Rape/Don't Rape" signals at major intersections in most cities.